2018 Annual Conference of IMS

Call for Papers

2018 Annual Conference of IMS

Institute for Mediterranean Studies, Busan University of Foreign Studies

Event Title : “Mediterranean Cities: Social Mobility and Intercultural Dialogues”

City : Busan

Place : Crown HARBER HOTEL BUSAN -website-

Country : Korea, South

Organizer : Institute for Mediterranean Studies of Busan University of Foriegn Studies

Sponsor : NRF(National Research Foundation of Korea), BUFS(Busan University of Foreign Studies)

Event Dates : 14.09.2018 (Friday) ~ 15.09.2018 (Saturday)

Homepage : http://www.imsmdb.com/icims.html

Contact : icims@ims.or.kr

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Organizing Committee of 2018 Annual Conference of IMS


I am delighted to invite you to attend the International Conference of the 20th anniversary of the Foundation of Institute for Mediterranean Studies (IMS). On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I look forward to welcoming you in Busan, Republic of Korea from March 24 to 26, 2016.
In December 1997, IMS is founded with research interests on general aspects of civilizations and of promote academic exchange in the diverse fields of Mediterranean Studies. IMS was selected as one of the members of Humanities Korea Project supported by the National Research Foundation from 2007. The Humanities Korea Project is to foster studies in liberal arts. IMS receives sponsor each year from the Korean Government to promote research that will advance the boundaries of Liberal Arts and International Area Studies. It may be mentioned that IMS secured this project amidst tough competition from more than fifty research institutions and consortiums.
As a result of various international activities and thanks to the contributions of junior scholars who have done Mediterranean studies at many universities around the world and later returned to Korea, the IMS has been able to increase this visibility on the international stage.
This conference will bring together researchers and educators from around world who are engaged in the Mediterranean Studies. Plan to join us at what will be a memorable international event.


Byoung Joo HAH
President of Conference
Organizing Committee


Mediterranean Cities: Social mobility and intercultural dialogues

Ubiquitous in the evolving landscape of Mediterranean civilizations, cities provide a space of collective habitation, religious worship and political governance as well as a contemporary art and cultural centre. How did cities emerge within the frame of Mediterranean histories/historiographies, what questions do the cities and their literary, linguistic, artistic and visual representations raise, and how can they inform the ways that communities and space, new and old, enable us to think in more complex ways about diasporic neighborhoods and the pluralisation of culture in the Mediterranean?

From 9.14 to 9.15, Institute for Mediterranean Studies of Busan University of Foreign Studies will hold the 2018 annual conference.

This conference will be an open academic forum for interdisciplinary discussion and dialogue between domestic and international Mediterranean researchers and digital convergence researchers.

Call for Abstracts

Abstracts for the session themes received by June 29, 2018 will be considered under the standard review process. The format and submission guidelines will be available at www.imsmdb.com/icims.html. Abstracts should be between 250 and 500 words.

Important Dates

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    July 30, 2018 (email : icims@ims.or.kr)
    August 15, 2018
    August 20, 2018
    August 30, 2018
    August 30, 2018

Official Languages

Official languages of the congress are English and Korean


There are several selections of hotels blocked for 2018 Annual Conference of IMS participants centrally located and close to the venue. The Main hotel for the Conference is Crown HARBER HOTEL BUSAN (click)

Window on Korea

Korea, lying in the north eastern part of the Asian continent, is a country where a unique and homogeneous culture has been forged by a 5,000 year heritage. Korea's warm-hearted people are ready to welcome you in to a world of tradition, culture, and art that helped to form the foundation for the world-renowned Hallyu (Korean Wave). Enjoy a myriad of healthy, flavorful food and some of the world's most advanced information technology. With many wonderful opportunities, there is something in store for everyone. Korea is sure to offer you a unique and unforgettable experience. Following an optional walking tour of Busan, a number of special events are being planned for Conference participants that will highlight the unique cultural aspects of Busan.

Organizing Committee of 2018 Annual Conference of IMS


icims@ims.or.kr (The person in charge : mooswon@bufs.ac.kr)

Title of Papers

Title Author
* From Permeable Frontiers to Border Divisions John Chircop
1. Linguistic Policy and Language Planning in the French Mediterranean CHANG, Ni Na
2. Latin Grammatical Teaching in the Middle Ages JANG, Jee Yeon
3. Iranian Language and Culture Teaching Through Analyzing Persian Expressions KWAK, Sae Ra
4. The Mediterranean in China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ Initiative Enrico Maria Fardella
5. Mysticism Along the Mediterranean Sea TONAGA Yasushi
6. Scientific Interactions between Iranian and Andalusian Scholars Mohammad Hassan Mozafari
7. Northern Painters and Southern Book Owners : The Isabella Breviary and The Grimani Breviary LEE, Hye Min
8. Myths of the Sea: A Review on the Figure of Medusa CHOI, Hae Young
9. Greek Votive Offerings for Victories in Battles: from the Battle of Aegospotami to the Battle of Mantinia (405-362 B.C.) KIM, Hye Jin
10. The Strategic Jewish Approach of the Mediterranean affairs Hoda Darwish
11. Moroccan Religious Identity to fight Fundamentalism Mohamed El Bouchikhi
12. Rumors and Reports : The Web of Information in the Early Modern Mediterranean Eric Dursteler
13. A Review on the Social Function and the Criterion of Justification of Violence Presented in the Bible  CHOI, Ja Young
14. The Growth of Cohousing in the Mediterranean Area : Case study of the Urban Village Bovisa (Italy) Djamil Benghida
15. Transformation and Expansion of Norman Architecture in the Case of Medieval Palermo HONG, Yong Jin
16. Mediterranean Identity in the Viewpoint of Civilization : Focus on ‘The Theory of Relation Balance’ KIM, Jung Ha
17. Reconsideration of the Thesis of Sallust in “Bellum Iugurthinum” : Revision on the Thesis’ Reasonability and the Original Intention of Sallust SON, Tae Chang
18. The Development of Conflict Resolution Protest in Mediterranean NO, Hyung Nam
19. Ethics of Gaze, Politics of Friendship : The Breathless Lives of Dardenne Brothers' La Promesse PARK, Eun Ji
20. Mediterranean in Jean Luc Godard’s Film : Film Socialism KIM, Hye Shin
21. Cloud Image in the Pictures of Hermann Hesse JANG, Sung Wook
22. Mutual Exchanges between Arabic Literatures and European Literatures in the medieval Ages Lee, Jong-Wha
23. Saudi Bureaucratic System and Its Influence on Oil Policy in the 1980s SONG, Sang Hyun
24. The Mediterranean Syrian Refugee Crisis: Lessons from Turkey Sonia Benghida
25. The Italian Risorgimento : Open Frontiers between Sicily and Malta in 1860 Arnold Cassola
26. Family, Reproduction, and Empire : A New Approach to the Mediterranean? Gen Liang
27. Transatlantic Humanism and Fanaticism : Bartolomé de las Casas Song No
28. The Impact of Mediterranean Cultures North of the Alps from the Seventh to the Fifthcentury BC Sebastian Müller
29. Franciscans and the Sea Hisashi Yakou
30. Problems Faced by the Berber Culture in the Modern Algerian Society and the Associated Arguments LIM, Gi Dae
31. The Transition of Pearl Trade: From Natural Pearls to Japanese Cultured Ones Noriko Sato
32. The Role of Egypt in Trade and Commerce during the Mamluk Period Wan Kamal MUJANI
33. Medieval Encounters between East and West in the Mediterranean World: the Doge’s Palace of Venice(14-15C) Lee-Niinioja, Heesook
34. Muslim in Europe and Islamophobia CHOI, Jae Hoon

Title of Papers

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Title AuthorAffliation
1. 다문화와 예술 융합교육의 방법과 실제 문형진동덕여대
2. 지역공동체 다문화 현황과 과제 권오경부산외대
3. 야코포 데 바르바리(jacopo de Barbari)와 베네치아 지도 라영순중앙대
4. 유럽 인쇄술의 발전 양상 최경은연세대
5. 15-16세기 볼로냐와 피렌체에서 발생한 문화적 내부교류 구지훈한국외대
6. 한문학의 디지털인문학적 연구 방법 시론 구지현선문대
7. 인공지능 시대의 지역학 김바로중앙대
8. 역사지리정보시스템(HGIS)을 통한 교통로 역사지리정보의 설계 - 경기도 광주의 조선후기~현대 교통로를 중심으로 김현종한국학중앙연구원
9. A Catalyst in the Central Mediterranean and the Hospitaller Order of St. John (1530-1798) Carmel CassarMalta Univ.
10. The Latest Research on Bronze Age Hillforts in Istria Sebastian Muller부산외대
11. '알안달루스(Al-Andalus)'의 문화유산과 아랍의 ‘정체성(Identity)'에 관한 소고 하병주부산외대
12. 안달루스에서 만난 동서고전문학 이종화명지대
13. Exchange of Thought between Persians and Andalusians Mohammad Hassan Mozafari부산외대
14. The Role of North African Writers in the Development of French Literature Motahare Mozafari부산외대
15. 구어체 아랍어 전자지도 설계 이동열부산외대
16. 이집트의 집단 정체성과 파라오 김수정, 윤용수부산외대
17. 비(非)GCC 왕정국가의 걸프통화동맹안 가입 가능성에 대한 연구 정혜선이화여대
18. The New discoveries of Natural Gas in Mediterranean and its impacts on the international relations (Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine) Mona Farouk부산외대
19. 사우디아라비아 경제 다각화를 위한 노력과 사우디 비전 2030 송상현단국대
20. 에도의 천재 엔지니어 호소카와 한조 최경국명지대
21. 비잔티움의 오토마타 - 솔로몬 보좌를 중심으로 김차규명지대
22. 혁신 도시 바그다드와 중세 이슬람 세계의 오토마타 김정명명지대
23. 중세 지중해 다문화 문명교류 김정하부산외대
24. 지중해 문명교류의 첨단도시 - 탄자 최재훈가천대
25. 이븐 주바이르 시대의 기독교와 이슬람의 관계 남종국이화여대